Fire Academy Cost and Equipment

All personal protective equipment (PPE) must be compliant with NFPA standard 1971, be in useable condition as determined by the Coordinator or his representative, and no more than 10 years old at the time of live fire training old based on the date of manufacture indicated on the garment label.

Students must provide his or her own PPE ensemble to include helmet, protective hood, coat, pants, boots and gloves.

In addition, students must also provide a face mask compatible with an MSA M7 Firehawk breathing apparatus. Documentation of an acceptable fit-test is required to accompany the face mask.

Every effort is made to secure favorable pricing for our students to purchase the items through the use of several different vendors. In addition, students who purchase equipment have the opportunity to resell these items at the conclusion of the class. The option of renting the equipment from selected vendors also may help to defray some of the expenses.

The following is an estimate of expenses associated with the Fire Academy:

Tuition $2945.00

Tuition $2422.56 (in-state)

Tuition $5547.94 (out-of-state)

Textbooks $208.00

Uniform (minimum required issue) $85.00 

Personal Protective Equipment

With SCBA Facepiece Rental $680.00

State Application Processing Fee $30.00

Fingerprint Processing Fee $50.00

State Written Test Fee $42.00

Note: Above costs are estimates only. Costs may vary depending on whether a student elects to rent or purchase equipment and what type of gear is selected. Information concerning equipment will be covered thoroughly at orientation. Students are advised against obtaining equipment prior to orientation in order to ensure that the correct equipment is purchased.