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VOC.HEQUIP.TECH ( 1800 Clock Hours) | Part of the Transportation Subject

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HCC Heavy Equipment Service Technician

This program provides entry level skills in heavy equipment service and systems operation. The topics covered include shop safety, OSHA rules, applied math and science principles, identification and proper use of shop tools and equipment, heavy equipment component identification, use of electronic service information, proper use of measuring tools, and EPA rules on hazardous waste handling and disposal. Instruction will consist of classroom and laboratory activities designed to meet industry standards and safety.

VOC.HEQUIP.TECH (1800 Clock Hours)

Program Requirements

DIM 0101 Diesel Engine Mechanic Technician Helper 150 hr.  5 cr.
DIM 0102 Diesel Electrical and Electronics Technician  300 hr. 10 cr.
DIM 0103 Diesel Engine Preventative Maintenance Technician  150 hr.  5 cr.
DIM 0104 Diesel Engine Technician  300 hr.  10 cr.
DIM 0106 Diesel Heating and A/C Technician 150 hr.  5 cr.
DIM 0107 Diesel Steering and Suspension Technician  150 hr.  5 cr.
DIM 0108 Diesel Drivetrain Technician  150 hr.  5 cr.
DIM 0110 Diesel Power Train Technician 150 hr.  5 cr.
DIM 0130 Diesel Brakes and Fluid Technician  300 hr.  10 hr. 

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