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Dr. Michael T. Reichard
Program Coordinator


This course is offered to prepare individuals for employment as a Surety Agent/Bail Bonds Agent. Successful completion of this course at this, or another authorized provider, is a prerequisite for becoming licensed as a Surety Agent/Bail Bonds Agent.

The course is offered three times each year, once during the Fall Semester, once during the Spring semester, and once during the Summer Semester. Classes are generally held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday over four consecutive weekends to accommodate out-of-town students. Class hours are from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

You may click on the link below to find out the dates the next classes are scheduled for:


 The Surety Agent Bail Bonds Pre-Licensing Certification Course is approved by the Bureau of Licensing of the Florida Department of Financial Services. If you have any questions about the requirements for licensing you should call the Florida Department of Financial Services at (800)342-2762. Their e-mail address is

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To register for the Surety Agent Bail Bonds Pre-Licensing Certification Course, please complete a Surety Agent Program Application Form and a Surety Agent Program Registration.

You may click on the links below to get those forms.

Please Note:  There is no Application Fee required any longer for this course.   Disregard the $20.00 application fee stated in the Surety Agent Program Application below:



Please send the completed registration form and the application for Admission along with a check or money order to:

Hillsborough Community College
Attn: Benjamin Whiteside
Ybor City Campus
2112 North 15th St
Tampa, FL 33605-3648
(813) 253-7611

Please have your check or money order made payable to Hillsborough Community College. The tuition for the course is $382.00 {Please note – Non-Florida residents must pay a significantly higher tuition - please contact the College for the applicable tuition and fees}. There is no deadline for applying. Students can register up until the first day of class; however, since class size is limited, submitting your registration and application early is more likely to guarantee you a seat. Full payment of the application fee and tuition must be made when applying and registering for this class.


Pursuant to Hillsborough Community College regulations, registered students who wish to withdraw from this course must do so prior to the first day of class OR, at the latest, on the first day of class.  Students withdrawing from this course beyond the first day of class will not be entitled to a tuition refund.   If you have any questions, please contact the office of Admissions, Registration, and Records at (813) 253-7601. 


Students must attend the first day of class. Attendance will be taken at all class sessions. Students must attend sufficient hours to comply with State and College rules and policies. The attendance policy will be explained on the first day of class. However, please note that students can generally miss up to two class sessions and still be eligible to graduate depending on the circumstances.


Please note that parking in the parking lot of the Public Service Technology Building is for staff and instructors only. Students parking in staff and faculty spaces can result in a parking ticket and/or your vehicle being towed. You can click the link below for information on student parking at the Palm avenue garage.



Licensing of Bail Bonds Agents is done through the Florida Department of Financial Services and not Hillsborough Community College. All questions about the requirements for licensing should be directed to the Florida Department of Financial Services and not the College. You may contact the Florida Department of Financial Serviuces at: (800) 342-2762. Their email address is


In addition to the Surety Agent Bail Bonds Pre-Licensing Certification Course offered at Hillsborough Community College, Students must complete a state mandated correspondence course in order to be licensed. That class is offered through the University of Florida. They can be contacted at (800) 327-4218 or on the web at .


There is no textbook for this course.


Classes are held at the Hillsborough Community College, Ybor City Campus, Public Service Technology Building. The Public Services Technology Building is located at 2002 N. 17th Street just off 17th Street and Palm Avenue in the Ybor City area of Tampa.

For a list of area hotels, you may click on the below link.





PLEASE NOTE: This guide does not constitute a contract or commitment on the part of the College, the Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies Program, faculty members or staff. Changes to schedules and courses as well as other program revisions may occur.