Speak Up HCC

Hillsborough Community College (HCC) is committed to maintaining an environment where people feel safe to carry out the college's mission. Through communication, collaboration, and coordination of college resources, HCC will conduct a comprehensive approach to proactively assess threats and behaviors that may impact the college community. Visit our Policies web page to learn more about the Speak Up HCC Team. 


The Speak Up HCC Team is committed to building integral partnerships with the campus community, local colleges, and the community at large. This will be accomplished by providing support to a safe and productive learning environment.


  • Create a centralized location where an individual can report concerns, alarming behavior and/or troubling suspicions.
  • Provide fair, thoughtful, reasonable and timely efforts to enhance safety and prevent violence.
  • Gather, organize and interpret complex information from multiple sources.
  • Assess behavior, recommend solutions and act to promote campus safety.
  • Provide an environment where faculty, staff, and students can professionally collaborate and communicate with the Speak Up HCC Team.
  • Build trust and reliability.

Best Practices:

The Speak Up HCC Team welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with the campus community. Below are our best practices:

  • Address threat and provide intervention, support, and resources to staff and students
  • Make use of assessments and resources
  • Foster a comprehensive reporting culture within the college community
  • Utilize technologically advanced support software that will allow the Team to have a view of a student's behavior patterns and trends
  • Provide training and education throughout the campus community on "what to report and how

To report any persons on campus who appear to be in distress, please submit a Care Report.

Submit a Care Report