Campus Safety: Strategy

Safe Hawks. Smart Hawks.

As HCC continues the reopening of our campuses, offices and other facilities, we ask you do your part to help maintain the health and safety of our community. The following guidelines detail our plans for continued safe re-entry into our instructional and administrative settings. We expect that all members of the campus community will assist by being aware and participating in our policies and procedures to help keep each other safe. Please continue to monitor our updates and protocols for mitigating risk and containing the spread of COVID-19, as updates and information continues to evolve over time.  

Our Guiding Principles

Our Back to Campus Plan follows these key principles and goals, which align with HCC’s core values: 

  • Health and Safety—Ensuring the safety of our faculty, staff and students, including health and safety guidance for individual and community-level prevention.  
  • Open Access—Providing the broadest possible access to education, including flexible options for employees and students. 
  • Academic Excellence—A phased return to full-capacity operations to meet community needs while continuing to meet the highest standards of academic excellence. 

Our Strategy 

Our phased reopening strategy is based on guidance from the Safe. Smart. Step-by-Step. PLAN FOR FLORIDA’S RECOVERYCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA), and OSHA COVID-19 Health and Safety Topics. Building upon our understanding of COVID-19 symptoms and methods of transmission within the framework of our campus communities and facilities, we offer the following guidelines to address our needs.

These guidelines take into account information about COVID-19 that is known and may need to be updated as the situation and recommendations change. 

Our Community. Our Safety.

HCC is committed to reopening and welcoming faculty, staff and students back to campuses for the fall 2020 term while providing a healthy environment and effective academic delivery. Consequently, every person coming to HCC—whether a faculty member, a staff member, student, vendor or visitor—is expected to follow our health and safety guidelines as guided by the CDC. This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms, as well as to protect you from others who may be infected.