Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)

The Hillsborough Community College Nursing AS, Medical Laboratory Science ATC, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging ATC use the Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS®) as a pass/fail tool for applicants to these limited access programs. This test evaluates reading, math, science, and English language usage. The TEAS® Version V is no longer accepted.

Nursing AS:
Students who score 60 or above on the ATI TEAS® exam will then be ranked by their prerequisites GPA for possible admission into the Nursing Program.

Medical Laboratory Science ATC: 
Students who score 60 or above on the ATI TEAS® exam will then be ranked on the combined math and science score for possible admission into the program.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging ATC:
Students who score 60 or above on the ATI TEAS® exam will then be ranked by combined TEAS scores for possible admission into the program. 

Test Attempts
Students are allowed three attempts per year to achieve a passing score of at least 60, but must wait 30 days between attempts. The calendar date for the year begins January 1. Passing the ATI TEAS® exam does not guarantee placement, but not passing assures that the student will not be accepted into the program.

Test Cost and Locations
The TEAS test costs from $87 (for tests administered on an HCC campus) to $125 (for remote testing) and students should visit the ATI Testing website for more information on each of the following options to take the test:

  • In-person at HCC locations (listed below), or other locations listed on the ATI website. 
  • TEAS@ATI administered remotely using remote proctoring service.
  • TEAS@PSI - for students outside of Florida applying to one of HCC's Health Sciences Programs.

HCC Testing Sites for TEAS

HCC currently offers the TEAS test on three campuses.  Review each location for specific testing information.

Test Preparation

The ATI Testing website offers a variety of test prep materials. The materials range in price from $25 - $249 and may include study guides, learning strategies and practice tests.  Review their website for more information. 

Free Test Preparation at HCC!

The Learning Commons located in the library building (DLRC) at Dale Mabry Campus has materials that can be used for studying the TEAS test sections on reading, math, science and language. Students who have taken one of the practice tests or have taken the actual test and need remediation can receive tutoring in whichever topic(s) they need assistance.

For more information, please visit our Academic Success Center website 

ATI's Focus Review is available after completion of the exam.