Operation Startup

Operation Startup is the veteran entrepreneurship outreach center for the InLab@HCC.  This collaboration between Hillsborough Community College and Hillsborough County provides early stage social entrepreneurs, HCC students, and the military Veteran start-up community "vetrepreneurs" access to mentoring, educational programs, co-working space, an early stage business accelerator, events, and myriad networking opportunities.

It is a great place for our HCC students to go to work on their businesses and tap into additional workshops and resources available through our center. These services help mitigate factors that contribute to business failure, while increasing the likelihood of successful startups.


Operation Startup Stats

Businesses Launched in 4 Years
Seed capital secured
Veterans, entrepreneurs, students & community served

Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Symposium

Saturday, November 7, 2020
9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Dale Mabry Campus

STRIVE Entrepreneurship Training Program

September 2020

Offered to eligible Veterans, Active Duty, Reserve/Guard, and Spouses

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Business Associate Professor
Dale Mabry
DSSC 202
Business Assistant Professor
Dale Mabry
DSSC 209
Academic Advisor
Dale Mabry