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VOC.PI ( 40 Clock Hours) | Part of the Law, Public Safety & Security Subject

PSAV • Private Investigator Intern  VOC.PI (40 Clock Hours)

The Private Investigator "CC" (Intern) License class is offered in accordance with Chapter 493, Florida Statutes. All study material, handouts, and associated instructional material will be provided. The successful completion of two (2) written examinations is necessary for certification.

NOTE: This class is no longer "A" (24 hours) and OCP "B" (16 hours). They are combined and the entire 40 hours must be taken as scheduled. 

Program Requirements - These two courses must be taken consecutively.
SCY 0051 Private Investigation I  24 hr.  0.8 cr.  
SCY 0052 Private Investigation II  16 hr.  0.5 cr. 

Private Investigator is an in-person course, from 9:00am to 6:00pm daily, for a total of 5 days over 2 weekends – Friday, Saturday, & Sunday (Part I) and the following Saturday & Sunday (Part II).  Both courses must be taken in sequence, regardless if you have taken them previously or not.

State licensure expectations require 90% attendance.  As a 40-hour total course, a student may not miss more than 4 total hours of instruction for any reason.  Any student accruing more than 4 hours of absence will be dropped and must re-take the full course.  Additionally, any student repeating the course after unsuccessful completion must be present and pay for the full course.

Course Availability:

The course is offered four times a year. Go to Private Investigator Interest Form for Dates.

Private Investigator Interest Form

In-state $162.00
Out-of-state: $475.48

All students must provide confirmation of Florida residency to pay the In-State rate for courses.  If we are unable to confirm residency from the information provided during the application period, students must provide appropriate documentation to prove residency status or pay the out-of-state cost for the course.  For more information on residency verification, please go to HCC's Proof of Residency for Tuition Purposes webpage.

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PSAV Coordinator

This course is the first step in this process. This program has been designed by the State for those who intend to become a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Florida. Upon successful completion of this 40-hour course, students receive State required certification. In order to apply for the Intern license, you must first obtain a contract with a Licensed Class C Private Investigator who will be your mentor for the length of your internship. This contract is part of your application for your Class CC PI Intern License. Upon successful completion of your Internship, with the recommendation from your mentor, you can then apply to take the State test for your Class C Private Investigator License. The Internship is a 2 year obligation, however, your Paralegal courses may reduce the internship to just 1 year.

Sponsor Information:
Course completion prepares students to be accepted by a sponsor.  It is the student's responsibility to locate a sponsor for the internship which follows completion of this course.  HCC does not provide placement with sponsors. Students should begin this process as soon as possible.