Security G

 This course is designed to provide the necessary in-classroom and range time (total of 28 hours) required to qualify for a Security G license in the State of Florida. For more information regarding requirements for licensure, please visit

Important: This course is only for individuals seeking an Armed Security License through the State of Florida.  This is not a weapon safety, “learn to shoot”, or concealed carry class.

To qualify for this course, students must possess and provide proof of a current Class D, C, CC, M, MB or MA License with the State of Florida.

Students have the opportunity to choose the type of weapon they would like to qualify with or bring their own within certain parameters.
Course fees include use of weapon and ammunition - if using an HCC-supplied weapon, instructor fees, range time, targets, and required class materials.  

Course fees do not cover any application, background, or licensure fees required by the State of Florida when applying for eventual licensure.

Course Options:

Option 1:  Glock 17 (9mm semi-automatic)
Fee:  $183.00

  • Students who choose this option will use an HCC-provided Glock 17 and 9mm ammunition.

Option 2: Smith & Wesson .38 Caliber Revolver
Fee:  $183.00

  • Students who choose this option use an HCC-provided S&W .38 revolver and ammunition.

Option 3:  Student Provided Semi-Automatic & Ammunition
Fee:  $158.00

  • This is a great option for individuals who have flexibility in the weapon they can carry or if their employer requires certification with a specific weapon.
  • Students who choose this option must provide their own semi-automatic firearm and 200 rounds of the appropriate ammunition. 
  • Only the following calibers will be accepted:  9mm / .40 caliber / .45 caliber / .380 caliber / .38 caliber
  • The following ammunition is prohibited for security officers and this class:
  • Glaser, Mag-Safe, etc. pre-fragmented type bullets / Exploding bullets / Teflon coated (KTW) or other armor-piercing / Full wadcutters & RELOADED

Note regarding course availability:

This course is not scheduled on a regularly occurring basis.  It will only be scheduled with enough interest from potential students.

To indicate your interest and/or to be contacted when the next course will be offered, please complete the Security G Information Form below.

Security G Interest Form

Classroom Location:
Ybor Campus Training Center (YCTC)
5610 East Columbus Drive, Tampa, FL 33619

Range Location:
(HCSO) Walter C. Heinrich Practical Training Site
14063 County Road 39 South, Lithia FL 33547

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