Personal Development Workshops

HCC LIFE'S personal development workshops dig deeper into how we interact and communicate with each other as we work to achieve our goals.

Building Healthy Relationships
As we interact with others in our daily lives, we form and develop a variety of relationships.  Some may be difficult, while others are simple or rewarding.  This workshop shares practical skills for building healthy relationships in a variety of settings.  Topics include defining a healthy relationship, how belief systems impact relationships, how emotional "baggage" comes into play, and boundaries in a relationship.

Career Services
Choosing a career path is one of the most important life decisions a person makes.  This workshop addresses the elements of career choice, including discovering interests, researching opportunities and preparing for careers.  The workshop may also be tailored for job-seekers by focusing on cover letters, resumes and interviewing skills.

Through a panel discussion format, this workshop provides an opportunity for youth participants to hear diverse views on leadership and effective team-building.  Panelist questions and discussion may help the audience clarify and evaluate their approaches to management an vision.

Let's Work Together
Personalities have a lot to do with motivation, sources of stress, how we handle conflict, problem-solving and communication.  This workshop helps participants better understand themselves and others, facilitating better teamwork and personal relationships.