Student Responsibilities

Students registered with and receiving services from the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) have the following responsibilities:

  • Notify the OSSD five business days in advance if you require testing adjustments such as a separate room or extra time. If you qualify for testing adjustments, make arrangements with your instructor prior to each exam.

  • Request your academic adjustment memo prior to or at the beginning of each semester.

  • You are responsible for printing a copy of your academic adjustment memo sent to your HawkMail account from "hccfl-accommodate." Check with your instructor the first day of class to make sure they have received a copy of the academic adjustment memo.

  • Notify the OSSD as soon as possible if you require a notetaker. Remember, your notetaker does not take your place in class. Repeated absences without 24-hour notice may result in temporary suspension of services.

  • Notify the OSSD as soon as possible if you require an interpreter.

  • Make an arrangement with the OSSD at least a week prior to each exam for a reader and/or a scribe during testing.

  • If you borrow equipment or supplies from the OSSD, you must check with the office every semester to confirm that you still require the borrowed equipment or supplies. Remember, you are financially responsible for what you borrow.

  • Contact the OSSD if you are having any difficulties pertaining to your academic adjustments and/or your courses.